ABPA is proud to introduce the ABPA Small Business Task Force. The SBTF mission is to serve as a unified voice for all Chicago Arab American Small Businesses when dealing with issues or concerns that pertain to all business owners.
On June 5th, 2020 ABPA held a press conference to condemn the murder of George Floyd and support Arab Businesses.
ABPA hosted a Private Dinner for with US Department of State, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Levant and Special Envoy for Syria, Hon. Joel D. Rayburn.
ABPA Board Meets with Members of the Jordanian Business Community
ABPA President Talat Othman and AmCham Palestine Chairman Said Baransi sign MOU to promote trade and investment between Illinois and Palestine.
ABPA hosted a meeting with Mr. Ratney, Special Envoy for Syria, Consul Generals, dignitaries, local business and professional community leaders in a brainstorm session towards solutions to the disheartening tragedies happening in Syria.


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